The Sixth District Dental Society

149th Semi-Annual Meeting

Doubletree Hotel Binghamton, NY

May 12, 2017

Registration and Exhibits: 8:00 AM

Lecture: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Dr. Terrence J. Thines

NYS Requirements for Prescribing Opioid Drugs

The Mandatory Pain Management

Palliative Care and

Addiction Education/Training for Prescribers

Presented by the New York State Dental Foundation*

It happens every day. You are running behind when the hygienist or assistant pages you for a new patient. You have to walk the tightrope to make the patient feel welcome while getting out of there in time to save your schedule. Do you tell the patient what they need right then, bring them back for a consult, or have your staff explain? This course will detail the new patient experience as THE MOST CRITICAL procedure you perform. This course is suitable for the entire team and will take participants from the initial phone call or web inquiry through restorative care. The techniques taught in this course will immediately translate to more committed patients, who will then become your best referral source.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, participants should expect to understand:

• Thegreatestbarriers tocaseacceptance.

• How todesign examinationsandtreatmentplanningtofacilitate case acceptance.

• Detailedrecordtakingandinterpretation.

• Verbiageandskills that will create committedpatients.

• How to add procedures/techniques that will instantly add to office production. Widespread concerns related to the current opioid abuse problem in the general population has prompted various strategies to address this crisis. In New York licensed providers with a DEA registration are required to take an approved course by July 1, 2017 and once every three years thereafter pursuant to Public Health Law §3309-a(3). This three-hour course provides the required information to enable the licensed provider to prescribe controlled substances consistent with current recommendations and standards of practice in New York State.

Participants in this course will understand and be familiar with the New York State Department of Health requirements including:

• Stateandfederal requirements forprescribingcontrolledsubstances;

• Pain management;

• Appropriateprescribing;

• Managingacutepain;

• Palliative medicine;

• Prevention, screeningandsignsofaddiction;

• Responses toabuseandaddiction;and

• Endof life care

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